Why be uncomfortable or unhappy when you don't have to be?
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At Spring Hypnotherapy, we help you improve your self-esteem, public speaking ability; alleviate bedwetting, nail biting; quit smoking, shed some pounds, improve academic performance, improve sports performance; manage anxiety, irritable bowel syndrome, fears, phobias...just to name a few issues. The possibilities are endless and our goal is to help you feel your healthiest.

It takes a courageous person to recognize the presence of his own phobia, unwanted habit or fear, and to have the desire to seek help to resolve the issue that is interfering with his daily life. And he knows the result for asking for and obtaining help will be...a healthier and happier life!

At Spring Hypnotherapy, you are treated with respect and assurance of total confidentiality in a relaxed and comfortable environment. Together, we will work toward achieving your desired outcome. When you are ready for a positive change to take place in your life, click on the
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It's easy to act as if you are a weathervane, always changing your belief and words, trying to please everyone around you. But we were born to be lighthouses, not weathervanes. Imagine a vertical axis running through the center of your heart, from your deepest roots to your higher aspirations. That's your lighthouse. It anchors you in the world and frees you from having to change directions every time the weather shifts. Inside this lighthouse, there is a lens and a light. The light represents who you are when nobody else is looking. That light was meant to keep shining no matter how dark or stormy it gets outside...when you find that light inside you, you will know it. Don't let anyone else dim it..and one more thing: remember to look for the light inside others. If at first you can't see it, look deeper. It's there.

--Robert Cooper