Hypnosis is...


--A state of mental, physical, and emotional relaxation. Most people cannot believe how relaxed they feel while in hypnosis. Fifteen minutes in hypnosis is equal to approximately one hour of a good night's sleep.

--Allowing the subconscious mind (where your memories, emotions, beliefs, are stored) to easily receive suggestions to make your desired changes - all this, while the conscious mind is distracted.

--Life changing


Hypnosis Coupled With a Desire to Change May Benefit Those Persons That Want to...

--Ease/lessen pain; for example headaches, TMJ, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), fibromyalgia

--Stop smoking

--Eliminate excess weight

--Stop nail biting

--Eliminate bedwetting

--Increase self-confidence

--Enhance sports or academic performance

--Enjoy public speaking

--Eliminate/lessen anxiety

--Eliminate stuttering

--Eliminate phobias/fears

These are just a few areas in which hypnosis might be of benefit to you. There are many other areas in which Spring Hypnotherapy may help you.


While in Hypnosis...

--You will hear the noises in your environment, but you will feel so relaxed that you will not be distracted.

--You never lose consciousness, you are just very relaxed. The feeling that you experience while in hypnosis is similar to that when you are daydreaming or engrossed in a movie or a book. Someone may enter the room and say something to you, and you won't even hear them (because you are so focused on what you are doing).

--You will not say or share any information that you do not want to.

--You will not do anything that is against your beliefs, morals or ethics.

--You will not be 'lost' in a trance - this has never happened. Hypnosis is safe.

--You are in control and can end a trance at any time.